The Pokemon Ethereal Gates Demo soundtrack was released on September 2nd, 2015. The full Demo soundtrack can be downloaded for free here. Soundcloud playlist at the bottom.


All music composed, arranged or both by - Sean Petersen

Lead guitars 1-3 on Battle! (Rival) - Rob Wickline

Trumpet on Corella Town and Avocet Forest - Dallas Taylor

Female Voice on Longspur City - Amanda Spivack

Ethereal Gates Bonus CD; Misery Stick Edition Personnel

Drunken Male Voice on Longspur City (Drunken Lullaby) - Brandon Essig

Battle! (Rival) {Live} Personnel

Trumpet - Dallas Taylor

Alto Saxophone - Dustyn DeBernardo

Tenor Saxophone - Dustin Hill

Trombone - Frank Rein

Lead Guitar 1 - Sean Conlon

Lead Guitar 2 - Rob Wickline

Rhythm Guitar - Sean Petersen

Bass - Bruce Kang

Drum Kit - Jimmy Swartz


  • Auklet Town's music is one of composer Sean's favorite compositions he made for the game.
  • On august 25th Sean made a Poll about what songs he should remake in 8-bit for the mixtape. These turned out to be Apalis town and Battle! (Gym Leader).