• GannaPlays

    My Team For the Game

    March 21, 2018 by GannaPlays

    == Volansalix == Moves (Herricane-Dragon Claw-Agility-Leaf Storm)

    == Abdoscus == Moves (Pursuit-Venoshock-Pin Missle-Toxic Spikes)

    == Nomoguan == Moves (Surf-Earthpower-Waterfall-Iron Defense)

    == Phantowl == Moves (Confuse Ray-Hex-Dark Pulse-Shadow Ball)

    == Monglare == Moves (Flamethrower-Thunder Fang-Snarl-Fire Fang)

    == Mechanut == Moves (Metal Claw-Iron Defence-Brick Break-Cut)

    I made this Team Because in my opinion, they Might do a sweep, and i hope that if Volansalix can Learn Dragon Claw, because it would make scence, and i cant wait for Nomoguan to be in the game, i hope everybody is patcient because they are working hard, so if you are trying to copy this team, Dont.

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  • Simon274ds

    So, let's talk retypings. I'm mostly pleased with the typings of the new Fakemon, but I have some ideas, how the PEG team could change/add to them to make more unique type combinations.

    The Caspook line could definitively be Ghost/Normal. It's very simplistic for a Ghost type. Maybe Bansheet could then learn Hyper Voice, so it would be more banshee-like and  even get STAB on it.

    The Magnut line could be Steel/Normal. Like Caspook, Magnut is really simple looking for a Steel type. The Normal typing would also allow it to have a more diverse movepool.

    Hazumi should've been an Electric/Fighting type from the beginning. Its design resemble Mega Loppuny, its pre-evo can learn Jump- and Hi Jump Kick and it would make it more unique as far as Pikachu …

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  • Simon274ds

    So here are some of my ideas for new Pokemon with unique type combinations

    - Poison/Steel - a syringe Pokemon - would be able to inject both toxin and medicine, depending on the situation - would be found in an abondoned Pokemon Center- highest stats would be Attack and HP - could have the abilities Healer/Poison Touch - could be a wallbreaker/supporter

    - Fighting/Fairy - a valkyrie-esque Pokemon - could be an event Pokemon like Jinkai - highest stats would be Attack and Special Defence - could have the abilities Anger Point/Inner Focus - could be a wallbreaker

    - Ice/Poison - a wolf Pokemon - would be able to inject poison in its preys body - would be found in the mountain region of Leneka - highest stats would be Attack and Speed - could hav…

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  • Simon274ds

    As a long time Pokemon fan, I'm always happy to see a new fanmade Pokemon game. It just means that people want to make something new with the basic ingredients. And one of the best things in fanmade games for me (besides new story, characters, region etc.) are new type mix-ups. A good example would be Pokemon Insurgence with their Delta species or Sacred Gold/Storm Silver with added typings to make them unique (e.g. Electivire being Electric/Fighting). But personally, I prefer a completely original Pokemon with a new type match-ups. And thats something 1.0 demo had! Ambloot being Dark/Bug and Jinkai being Ghost/Fairy, I was really positively surprised. So I began thinking: What other Pokemon type combination could the Pokemon Ethereal Gate…

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  • Darkdagger55

    First Day on the Job

    October 9, 2015 by Darkdagger55

    So I have settled into another wikia. Since the community for this game and the game itself are just warming up, I think this might be a good opportunity to contribute. I am quite the large pokemon fan, so seeing a fan game with such profound effort and character is amazing! Can't wait to meet the other members of the community! 

    Talk to all of you soon!

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  • Julilol

    possible PEG teams

    September 18, 2015 by Julilol

    I just want to know one thing...

    Which Pokémon are you using (or planning to use) in your team?

    An example could be mine,



    (Maybe Inciboo, not sure yet,)



    And Technut (evolved form when added).

    so, who are you gonna use?

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  • Jaggedthorn

    Need PokeIcons

    September 16, 2015 by Jaggedthorn

    What do I mean by PokeIcons is things like this

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